Streefkerk Lawyers

Established in 1964, Streefkerk Advocaten have been acting as lawyers from the area of The Hague both advising as well as litigating at all subdistrict courts, law courts and courts of appeal in the Netherlands for many decades now. At the same time Streefkerk Advocaten deals with cases for the Netherlands Supreme Court, in particular in the legal areas where specialised know-how is present.

We focus on a number of legal areas. Our main specialisms in alphabetical order are: - civil cassation - corporate and contract law - liability & insurance - real-estate law. In every area and in every case the interests of our clients are the focus of our attention. With 9 lawyers our office is relatively small. That is why contact with our clients could be direct and personal. A professional, commercial approach and a transparent communication are characteristic of our services.

Furthermore we are competent, professional, reliable and easily accessible. In fact just as a lawyer should carry out his occupation.

The costs of our services are transparent:
- a competing hourly rate;
- no additional office costs;
- clear specifications of the activities performed.